AdriaAquaNet – Enhancing Innovation and Sustainability in Adriatic Aquaculture is a project financed under the INTERREG V-A  Italy – Croatia 2014 – 2020 programme.  According to the Interreg Italy –Croatia cooperation programme and to the objectives of the 'Blue Growth', the project approach is to develop new solutions or adopt existing solutions to ensure further development of Italian and Croatian mariculture following main principles of sustainability. Common chalenges of the programme area as quality of fish nutrition, development of effective waste management systems, energetic sustainability of fish farming, production of new vaccines and natural compounds to control fish infectious diseases will be tackled. Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management will participate in final product evaluation regarding its nutritional value but also in the consumer research and promotional activities related to fish and new products´ consumption. This project brings together stakeholders and experts from multidisciplinary areas, encouraging better cooperation and strengthening the capacity for research, development and innovation in the manufacturing sector. Along with a set of functional marketing tools, the project will finaly provide 'healthy and safe' fish to end consumers.

Project start date: 01/01/2019 (announcement)

Project duration: 30 months

Project manager:  Greta Krešić (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Project partners: University of Udine (Lead Partner; Italy), Croatian Veterinary Institute (Croatia), University of Trieste (Italy), Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (Croatia), Italian Health Authority and Research Organization for Animal Health and Food Safety (Italy), National Research Council of Italy – Department of Chemical Science and Material Technology (Italy), Mariculture Cluster (Croatia), Friškina Ltd (Croatia), Fishfarm Caldoli Ltd (Italy), Orada Adriatic Ltd (Croatia), Friultrota Di Pighin Ltd (Italy).

Total eligible budget:  3 224 009,59 EUR
ERDF funding:  2 740 408,13 EUR